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Thứ 6, 19 / 08 / 2022
 The price of raw cashew in the domestic market slowed down, small and medium factories reduced the buying rate of raw materials because the price increased too fast in the past 2 weeks, while the kernel only increased slightly. Until this week, the price of raw cashew traded in the domestic market remained stable around the set level from the end of last week. The demand for raw cashew nuts is still high in the context of local scarcity of supply, but because the kernel price only increases slightly and most of the parties have closed the sale at low prices, it is difficult to balance if the price of raw materials continues. keep rising. Many factories have reduced their capacity to wait for new market movements.

For Vietnamese cashew, because the inventory is almost exhausted, while the need to ask to buy cashew to roast salt is still quite a lot, so the selling price is pushed up to the highest level of 33,000 VND / Kg (30% recovery, 195 grade - 200 seeds / kg), even rows 185 - 190 seeds, the highest price can be set up to 36,000 VND / kg
 This week, the price of white kernels remained stable, while the price of cashew nuts turned down 5 cents / lbs for the grade due to the more abundant supply.
According to traders, next week, cashew exports to the Chinese market will be more active after the country ends the National Day holiday, thereby, the demand for orange cashew is better, pushing up prices slightly. come back. The popular price of salted cashew is 190,000 - 195,000 VND / kg (Cambodian, Grade A)
The price of cashew nuts exported from the EU remained stable around 6.3 - 6.4 USD / kg (W320), while the price continued to increase strongly with Chinese exports, the W320 export price to China for delivery in Binh Phuoc increased to 7.2 USD / kg. and 8.1 USD / kg for the W240, up 20-30 cents / kg from the previous week due to scarce supplies.
Indian cashew nut prices are on the way to recover due to the high consumption demand in the year-end holiday season. However, the increase is not expected to have a sudden increase due to the abundant supply of cashew nuts and other raw nuts

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