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-         Name of Company               : A&T Trading Joint Stock Company
-         Date of establishment          : October 7, 2014
-         Company code number       : 0106656352
-         Charter capital                      : VNĐ
-         Line of business                   : Import, Export, Trade and Investment
In the integration period, the import and export plays a strong role in our country’s economy. In the face of demands of Vietnamese companies which are on an increase in more sources of agricultural and forestry materials for production such as raw material of cotton, raw cashew nuts, bean cake, maize, wood and etc., and on further market promotion of Vietnamese products such as garment, coffee, pepper corn, rice and etc., A&T was established with our desire to meet further the demands and desire of the Vietnamese company in particular as well as to contribute to the development of our national economy in general.
Especially, the import-export and trade between Vietnam and some countries like Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique, Kenya, Congo and etc. are normally executed through foreign agents and intermediaries. There are no Vietnamese companies directly working with their partners at such markets, therefore it is very difficult to control the quality and prices between both parties. With this actuality, A&T wishes to become a pioneer in directly working, negotiating with new markets and as a sustainable bridge between Vietnam and international market.
Under the leadership of the Company’s management together with the extensive experienced staff, A&T is ready for rising to affirm ourselves and become a professional and prestigious company in the field of import and export trade and agricultural and forestry product trade. 
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