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Thứ 2, 22 / 04 / 2024
1. Rice
Vietnam has been the top rice exporter in the world in many recent years, with the guaranteed rice quality and competitive price rate. The rice of Vietnam has persuaded many big markets in the world.    
A&T prides on contributing to the expansion of the Vietnamese rice export market to the world, guaranteeing the prestigious quality, reasonable price and professional style of work. 
2. Coffee 
Vietnam is the leading nation in the world on producing and exporting robusta coffee and the second nation in the world on producing and exporting raw coffee. 
A&T wants to develop more new markets and customers for the coffee product of Vietnam. 
3. Pepper corn
Vietnam has all the advantageous conditions about the nature, human resources, application of science and technology in producing and processing the pepper corns. 
A&T wants to launch pepper products of Vietnam to the customers in the world, expand the market for the Vietnamese agricultural products and establish a trade mark of Vietnamese high-quality products in the eyes of international friends.
4. Clothes - Garment products 
Garment and clothes are the biggest export industry of Vietnam. Because of stable and good competitive labor cost, the Vietnamese garment products can meet the diversification on types of garment. Therefore, A&T wants to contribute to further exporting and making a proliferation of garment products of Vietnam to many international markets and contribute to establishing the trade mark of Vietnamese Goods.  
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