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Thứ 2, 22 / 04 / 2024
1. Raw material of cotton 
A&T is the pioneer company in studying and cooperating at the African market which supplies the cotton with the good quality, reasonable price and conformity with productive requirements in Vietnam. 
Being a direct importer from the Africa, the raw material of cotton supplied by A&T always ensures quality requirements with the best price in the market.  
2. Cashew nuts 
Consumption demand on the processed cashew nuts has a tendency to increase so it requires the Vietnamese company to intensify the import of raw cashew nuts, especially from the African countries. 
By directly importing the raw cashew nuts from the Africa, A&T has reduced intermediate expenses and ensured the raw cashew nuts are supplied with the high quality and reasonable price. 
3. Wood
To know the African market, A&T is confident in providing sources of wood material which satisfies the quality from Kenya, Congo, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa and etc. 
Types of wood coming from the Africa as supplied by A&T are very diversified, including iron wood, ebony, rosewood, teak wood, “Peach” wood and etc., with various dimensions and competitive price rate. 
4. Bean cake 
Through the experience of the management and the staff in the import-export field of agricultural products, A&T supplies a source of bean cake with the high quality and the best price in the market. 
5. Maize 
With much fluctuation of maize prices in the world,  A&T focuses on investing in an on-line division to follow close the market, ensure the provision of maize batches with the high quality and competitive price.
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