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Thứ 5, 30 / 06 / 2022
Pepper used to be a key export item of our country and in the group of "billion dollar club". Specifically, from 2014 to 2017, the export value of pepper was always over 1 billion USD, of which, in 2016 reached the highest export value of 1.429 billion USD. 
However, from 2018 to 2020, due to the sharp decrease in pepper prices on the world market because of oversupply, this item has dropped from the $1 billion mark, even reaching just over $660 million in 2020.
In the pepper crop in 2021, due to crop failure, domestic pepper prices began to increase gradually, sometimes up to 90,000 VND/kg, pepper exports were also more active. 
According to preliminary statistics of the Vietnam Pepper Association (VPA), in 2021 our country exported 263,692 tons of pepper of all kinds, including 231,676 tons of black pepper and 32,016 tons of white pepper. Total turnover reached 948.7 million USD.
The pepper market in 2021 shows that the price increase has helped increase about 42.7% of the export value of pepper, while the quantity decreased by 7.8%.
According to the recommendation of the Vietnam Pepper Association, although pepper prices are improving, but not because of this, farmers massively increase their acreage, resulting in the chorus of "plant - chop, chop - plant". People need to invest and take care of the existing pepper areas to increase productivity and increase income.
In 2021, Vietnam's black pepper "covers" to more than 100 countries and territories, focusing on large markets such as China (35,700 tons); USA (34,800 tons); United Arab Emirates (15,200 tons); India (9,200 tons); Germany (6,300 tons). Meanwhile, Vietnam's white pepper exports reached approximately 22,300 tons, worth 113 million USD, up 1% in volume and 56% in value compared to 2020. Our country's white pepper in 2021 Exported to about 80 countries and regions. 
It is worth noting that the structure of Vietnam's export pepper categories has shifted in the direction of increasing exports of white pepper and ground white pepper, while exports of black pepper and ground black pepper decrease. However, black pepper is still the main export category, accounting for 74.3% of the total volume and 70.8% of the total export value of pepper. 
The Import-Export Department (Ministry of Industry and Trade) said that by 2022, traditional pepper export markets such as the US, Europe (EU), and the UAE are forecasted to have many optimistic signals. Especially the US, although this country increased pepper imports from Indonesia, India, China, but pepper from Vietnam still accounts for the largest proportion. 
Facing the continuous increase in pepper prices at the beginning of the 2022 harvest season, favorable export markets, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has set a target to bring pepper back to the "billion-dollar club", with a turnover of about 1.05 billion USD. 
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