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Thứ 3, 17 / 05 / 2022
Cashew purchases in the domestic market continued to be active as factories increased capacity in the context of rising spot kernel prices. The buying price of factories increased by 500 VND / kg.
The price of Cambodian raw cashew increased the most with an increase of 5,000 VND / kg over the previous week, while the price of Vietnamese and African cashew increased slightly from 500 to 1,000 VND / kg. It is expected that the uptrend will continue in the second half of September due to increased demand for raw materials.

Similarly, African cashew also has an increase of about 1,000 VND / kg compared to last week. Tanzania's raw cashew production in crop year 20/21 is expected to increase by 20% to 278,000 tons.
The new Tanzania cashew season will start from the first week of October, the Tanzania Cashew Council is finalizing the instructions and procedures to be patrolled in the auction. After that, the registration of domestic and foreign potential buyers will commence.
New Indonesian cashew is being offered for sale but there are no buyers because the price is too high.
This week, the price of white cashew nuts is also adjusted to increase slightly for most types, adding 5 cents / lbs compared to the previous week due to scarce spot supplies.

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