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Thứ 3, 03 / 10 / 2023
In order to preserve and develop the core values ​​of the business, in 2020, with the consent and direction of the Administrative Council, A&T Joint Stock Company performs the repair and expansion of the company's office, restructuring working position of departments
 with the desire to build a comfortable, professional and creative working environment for staffs. After two months of conceptualization, design and construction, the office of A&T Joint Stock Company has been completed.
A corner of A&T office
Characteristic of colors and furniture at the company's management department, we choose deep tones, simplify the interior, focus on open- spaces, bring a warm working environment but still elegant.
Director’s room
Vice Director’s Room

Financial - Accounting Department
The meeting room is the place where members together sit to discuss works , also a place for the leaders, heads of the training department, to improve the professionalism of their employees. 
Utilizing the open space to catch more light in the room brings a lot of energy to the user.

The meeting room spaces

Although 2020 is a hard year for both domestic and international economies, this is also an opportunity for companies to review and prepare for new steps towards strong development when the Covid-19 epidemic ends.
 A&T Joint Stock Company always strives to perfect ourself to bring the best environment for employees to create, striving to create more values ​​for customers.

Viet Nam economy accelerating as recovery continues (17/06/2022)
Vietnam’s Free Trade Agreements Will Play an Important Role in 2022 (10/06/2022)
Happy New Year 2022 (26/01/2022)
A&T joins the VII Congress of the term (2021-2023) of Vietnam Pepper Association Congress (21/12/2021)
SHB appoints Mr. Do Quang Vinh as Deputy General Director (03/11/2021)
A&T joints with Letrading, D&A and T&T OCG donated over 240 Million VNĐ to support the country in the fight against Covid-19. (14/10/2021)
T&T Group, US partner reach deal in buying animal feed materials totalling 525 million USD (12/10/2021)
T&T Group invested 800 billion VND to build a shopping mall in Hai Duong city. (14/08/2020)
T&T Group continues to purchase 150,000 tons of raw cashew nuts from Ivory Coast in 2020 (10/08/2020)
A&T Vietnam pledged to import raw cashew nuts from Guinea Bissau with volume of 12.500 tons in 2018 (06/08/2018)
A & T Trading Company had an opportunity to Expand cooperation with Tanzania government delegations and businesses. (25/08/2017)
A&T Trading Join Stock Company visited Dong Van spinning factory - Hanosimex (20/07/2015)
A&T welcomed the leaders of Ayensu Starch Company Company Limited - Ghan (20/07/2015)
A&T’s leaders met the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of of the Republic of Uganda (19/07/2015)
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